Perennial Lawn & Landscape would like to offer you a spring irrigation turn on and check up + Rain Sensor installation by North Georgia Water Works. Jeff Owens, owner of North Georgia Water Works, is offering this check to all of the Perennial customers to assure all of your irrigation systems are running up to the standards that you deserve.

The spring turn on will consist of several very important steps including:

– Turning on and setting up the controller for a spring watering cycle to maximize growth.

– Adjust all sprinkler heads on the system to assure there is no water being wasted.

– Find basic issues within the system that you may have not realized existed until it was too late.

– Suggest changes in design to better conserve water, yet still get that green lawn and maximum plant growth in landscapes everyone desires.

How a rain sensor works, the benefits and where it will go:

– The sensor sends a message to the controller every time it rains over a programmed amount. Once the controller receives that message it shuts down so you will never accidentally water at 5 in the morning after a shower or thunderstorm the night before.
– It WILL lower your water usage, saving you money after that first storm by shutting the system down.
– The sensor will simply be mounted on your gutter near the controller or on a nearby fence post.

The service offered will begin in March and will only cost $149. Call Jeff at 254-760-3362 and set up your appointment today!

* Some controllers, if older, will not work with a wireless sensor. If that is the case, a wired sensor will have to be installed