I had someone ask me recently when to prune Hydrangeas, so I thought I would touch a little on this today.

First, your need to identify what type of Hydrangea you have. There’s quite a few species and correct timing is key when considering pruning.

-(Hydrangea Macrophylla) – Includes your MOPHEAD and LACECAP varieties, and should be pruned after flowering. Typically you want to prune these in July and August.

-(Hydrangea Quercifolia) – OAKLEAF varieties also produce buds on old wood and should be pruned after flowering, pruned in July and August.

-(Hydrangea Arborescens) – ANNABELLE blooms on new wood and should be cut back in January or February.

-(Hydrangea Paniculata) – PANICLE – This species seems to be booming with new varieties. Popular cultivars include Limelight, Vanilla Strawberry, Tardiva. These should be cut back in January or February.

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